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Dear snowIt’s been a while since your last visit. Every night I go to sleep thinking about you, every time I look out the window I remember your soft touch and your fluffy feel. I’ve heard you had fun in the north this year and decided to stay longer. I just want you to know that we all miss you; everybody in town talks about you all the time. I check the 10day forecast everyday hoping for a hint of your arrival. I promise to give you all my attention from now on. I can’t even look my skis in the eyes mostly because they don’t have eyes but you get the point. I know I didn’t appreciate you when I had you to myself, I hung out with my friends rather than spending time with you, but I promise if you come back, I will spend all my free time with you. I will never complain about how much time we’re spending together and my need of space between us and I will never bring up the fact that you tried to kill me a few times. I even promise not to pee my name on your face anymore and I meant it as a compliment when I said, “you’re so deep”. Anyways, Heard you’re coming back to Cali soon, we’ve been doing your dance every night, so please stay longer this time, I beg you. With love, -Treehugger
Poorty Fox
Grove cafe, SF 
my buddy’s puppy sleeping with his favorite toy :)
Sunset, Golden Gate bridge view from Berkeley